Speaker Date Topic
Club Assembly Dec 02, 2020
Zoom Club Business Meeting
Dr Sadique Isahaku, MATC Dean, Gen Educ & Careers Dec 09, 2020
Working with Incarcerated Individuals

DrSadique Isahaku has dedicated much of his career to improving education in correctional facilities: He’s coordinated career and technical education programs at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC), supervised the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education’s Incarcerated Individuals Program, and now serves as a dean at the Milwaukee Area Technical College, where he facilitates opportunities for students in the Wisconsin DOC to participate in college courses.

Aziz Abu Sarah, Professional in Travel/Tourism Dec 16, 2020
Reimagining Travel in a Post-Covid World
Aziz Au Sarah proposes that travel needs a reset and now is the time to learn how it can be harnessed as a force for good to help bring together our polarized world. And, we can start now, right outside our front doors. 
Aziz is no stranger to injustice. As a Palestinian he encountered it as a matter of daily life and fought through the desire for revenge after his brother was beaten to death in interrogation—by men claiming to enforce the law.  His journey from radical seeking revenge to peacemaker seeking reconciliation led to an innovative method of peacemaking and co-founding of a global business—harnessing the transformative, healing power of travel. Starting in his own divided hometown of Jerusalem he originated  the dual narrative™ a unique kind of tourism to bring people together across some of the world's deepest divides, including Colombia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Syria and others. His method shows how by crossing boundaries—near and far—we can help heal our world from stereotypes, racial prejudice, and ignorance.
 It's not about where we travel, but how that will make all the difference going forward."
Club Assembly Dec 23, 2020
Zoom Club Business Meeting/ Club Elections
No Meeting Dec 30, 2020
Christmas/ New Year Holiday-Be Safe
Club Assembly Jan 06, 2021
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