Posted on Nov 20, 2018
The Rotary Club of Mitchell Field proudly presents
Milwaukappella is a one-day celebration of the human voice! A celebration of the art of a cappella singing!
A Cappella means "in the style of the chapel." In the early days of the church musical instruments were banned from the chapel so all singing was done without accompaniment. Today, a cappella is a choice and a very popular one! Films, TV shows and popular music has embraced the sound and members of a cappella groups are pushing the boundaries of the genre.
Milwaukappella is a both a showcase for a cappella performance but it is also a place for high school and college age a cappella singers to study and grow. Students at all skill levels are welcome whether they're in a group or all alone. All attendees will benefit from the knowledge and skills of the cadre of big-name, big-talent instructors brought in to teach. In addition, Milwaukappella headliners are chosen not only for their mad performance skills but for their ability and willingness to teach.
Take this year's headline act; west-coast wonders HIVE. The five women who make up HIVE are dynamic, avant guard, award winning performers whose uncommon talents and fresh takes are delighting audiences from Salt Lake City to LA but every member of HIVE, to a woman, are educators! The Milwaukappella Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to study under these accomplished women who consider teaching central to their mission!
For more information about the group, follow this link!
Or, spend a few moments marveling at and enjoying the women of HIVE as they perform: