Aug 15, 2018
Griselda Aldrete, President & CEO of HPGM
Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee

Griselda Aldrete is the president and CEO of Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM). Her primary responsibility is to work in coordination with the Board of Directors to develop and execute the vision and strategic plan for the organization. A tireless advocate for others, Griselda is working to change perceptions of Hispanics in Milwaukee and, with that, the professional face of the city. Griselda idicates that being a Latina not only in Milwaukee, but in the world, means being filled with a fire to work with passion, with an awareness of the richness that comes with a culture that is diverse, impactful, important and striving to make a difference in our community not only for the sake of Hispanics in our country, but for the sake of working towards a more inclusive, diverse environment where we all thrive and succeed.