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The Wheel Continues to Turn!

The Rotary Club of Mitchell Field was founded July 16, 1958. We are proud members of Rotary International, the world's oldest service club boasting 1.3 members in 33,000 clubs around the world.
Since its founding, the Club has attracted the top business and professional people from our leading industries, commercial businesses, service organizations, and professions in our service area.  That area includes Cudahy, Franklin, Oak Creek, South Milwaukee and St. Francis.
We are a vigorous and exceptionally active club.  During the year we host a Senior Prom for Senior Citizens, we arrange Student Recognition Luncheons, we clean up a couple of miles of 27th St. South, we pack and deliver Thanksgiving baskets for our less fortunate neighbors and at Christmastime we host a holiday party for Goodwill Workers and we ring bells for the Salvation Army!  We also provide monetary grants for worthy community service organizations and scholarships for college-bound seniors in our service area.  We also raise funds for the Rotary Foundation, the organization that supports international efforts like Rotary's End Polio Now, the only privately organized and executed international disease eradication  project in the history of mankind!  If you'd like to see just how successful we've been, click here!  In the past 25 years we've raised a billion dollars and immunized a billion children!  Not bad leverage for a group of concerned citizens on the south side of Milwaukee, WI, huh?
Our meetings are held at noon on Wednesday at the Clarion Hotel Banquet and Convention Center directly across Howell Avenue from the main terminal at Mitchell International Airport.
Weekly programs consist of a wide-ranging selection of topics that are of interest to our members. Guests are more than welcome at our meetings.
A weekly newsletter, The Jet Stream News, is published weekly. The Jet Stream News covers the weekly meetings and includes articles of interest from Rotary International.
As a volunteer service organization all positions are filled by members. The Board is the elected authority of the Club. It is comprised of eight officers who are
elected each year, six directors (two of whom are elected each year to serve for three years),
and the immediate past president. All final decisions rest with this august group. ; )


Project Managers and Committees, appointed by the president, are the operating force
of the Club. All programs and activities originate with these committees. Members are
provided an opportunity to serve via the committee system.

Once each year, District 6270 invites all of the clubs in the district to attend a weekend
conference at one of our nearby resorts. Excellent programs are planned and these
conferences are a perfect medium for renewing old -- and gaining new -- friendships and
joining in the social hours that are so much a part of these gatherings. Members and spouses
are cordially invited to attend. It is always a memorable weekend.

International conventions are held annually in various countries of the world. The conventions
are open to all Rotarians and their families.

When all is said and done the measure of our success in this world will be the experiences we've had and the people we've affected.  Anyone can sit at a computer and click on petitions all day.  We believe that clicking is not enough.  Making this world a better place is possible but it takes getting out there and getting your hands dirty!  This is real life, your only life!  It's time to dive in, to become a more engaged and important member of your community.  I guarantee you'll get back more than you can possibly give. 

OK, maybe you agree.  Maybe you've been thinking it might be worth a little bit of your time to end hunger, eradicate disease, fight poverty and fight for justice.  Well, there are a half dozen worthy service organizations in southeastern Milwaukee.  So why should you join us - The Rotary Club of Mitchell Field?  OK, here's a little something that's been part of Rotary since the very beginning, back in 1905.  It's called our Four-Way Test. 
It goes like this - of the things we think, say and do:

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Now, think about it.  Wouldn't you like to sit down for lunch once a week with people who think like this?  People who think like you do?  Drop by for lunch one Wednesday.  Say hello, feel the honesty, enjoy the embrace of people committed to advancing the cause of humankind!